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 Accident DateAccident_RegionCountryAccident_NatureID
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19/1/2000Aspropyrgos Refinery ATTIKI RegionGREECE

Fire 1 due to Lit Candle - Declination

19/2/2000Sea Region of Sounion Cape ATTIKI RegionGREECEFlooding due to Collision - Intentional Grounding3
23/2/2000Patroklos Skerry Saronic Gulf ATTIKI RegionGREECEFlooding - Sinking4
9/3/2000Sea Region Kanakia Salamina ATTIKI RegionGREECEGrounding due to Rudder Failure5
14/4/2000Port of Gayrion ANDROS IslandGREECECollision at the Dock6
6/6/2000Port of MYKONOS IslandGREECEGrounding due to bad weather7
22/6/2000Port of HERAKLIONGREECEDangerous Declination due to Fuel Leakage in the Engine Room8
25/6/2000Sea Region of Agioi Theodoroi ATTIKI RegionGREECERudder Malfunction9
7/3/2000Sea Region of Kastri EVIA IslandGREECEGrounding - Flooding10
8/7/2000Sea Region of Fleves Saronic Gulf ATTIKI RegionGREECEPropeller Damage due to Impact with Unkown Floating Object11
10/7/2000Sea Region of Kamiros RHODES IslandGREECERudder Damage12
12/7/2000Diaylos =????-???? Salamina ATTIKI RegionGREECEFlooding / Sinking due to Collision with M/V FABRIZA PRIMA13
22/7/2000Diaylos PrevezasGREECEGrounding14
1/8/20003 miles of Cape Vodi RHODES IslandGREECEFuel Shortage 15
8/8/2000Sea Region of Kavos Sideros Sitias CRETE IslandGREECEElectrical Panel Damage16
16/9/2000Diaylos PrevezasGREECEGrounding17
30/9/2000Frouros Skerry NAXOS IslandGREECEFlooding due to Collision at a Reef18
14/10/2000Sea Region Between LAVRION & Makronisos IslandGREECERudder Malfuction19
14/10/2000Thrace SeaGREECECargo Shifting - Dangerous Declination - Abandonment 20
17/10/2000Diaylos PrevezasGREECEGrounding21

»Κάνοντας δεξί κλικ σε κάποια επικεφαλίδα στήλης, ο χρήστης μπορεί να χρησιμοποιήσει το μενού περιεχομένου, για να ταξινομήσει τον πίκανα, και να βρει και άλλες επιλογές. Επιπλέον ο χρήστης μπορεί να φιλτράρει τα δεδομένα του πίνακα, χρησιμοποιώντας τα πλαίσια κειμένου, πάνω από κάθε στήλη..