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Списък на авариите на кораба
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 Accident DateAccident_RegionCountryAccident_NatureID
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19.1.2000 г.Aspropyrgos Refinery ATTIKI RegionGREECE

Fire 1 due to Lit Candle - Declination

19.2.2000 г.Sea Region of Sounion Cape ATTIKI RegionGREECEFlooding due to Collision - Intentional Grounding3
23.2.2000 г.Patroklos Skerry Saronic Gulf ATTIKI RegionGREECEFlooding - Sinking4
9.3.2000 г.Sea Region Kanakia Salamina ATTIKI RegionGREECEGrounding due to Rudder Failure5
14.4.2000 г.Port of Gayrion ANDROS IslandGREECECollision at the Dock6
6.6.2000 г.Port of MYKONOS IslandGREECEGrounding due to bad weather7
22.6.2000 г.Port of HERAKLIONGREECEDangerous Declination due to Fuel Leakage in the Engine Room8
25.6.2000 г.Sea Region of Agioi Theodoroi ATTIKI RegionGREECERudder Malfunction9
7.3.2000 г.Sea Region of Kastri EVIA IslandGREECEGrounding - Flooding10
8.7.2000 г.Sea Region of Fleves Saronic Gulf ATTIKI RegionGREECEPropeller Damage due to Impact with Unkown Floating Object11
10.7.2000 г.Sea Region of Kamiros RHODES IslandGREECERudder Damage12
12.7.2000 г.Diaylos =????-???? Salamina ATTIKI RegionGREECEFlooding / Sinking due to Collision with M/V FABRIZA PRIMA13
22.7.2000 г.Diaylos PrevezasGREECEGrounding14
1.8.2000 г.3 miles of Cape Vodi RHODES IslandGREECEFuel Shortage 15
8.8.2000 г.Sea Region of Kavos Sideros Sitias CRETE IslandGREECEElectrical Panel Damage16
16.9.2000 г.Diaylos PrevezasGREECEGrounding17
30.9.2000 г.Frouros Skerry NAXOS IslandGREECEFlooding due to Collision at a Reef18
14.10.2000 г.Sea Region Between LAVRION & Makronisos IslandGREECERudder Malfuction19
14.10.2000 г.Thrace SeaGREECECargo Shifting - Dangerous Declination - Abandonment 20
17.10.2000 г.Diaylos PrevezasGREECEGrounding21

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